Paul Papadimitriou

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Innovation Strategist

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Paul is part Swiss, part Greek and part Finnish – and makes research trips to 15 other countries each year. Focusing on the near future, he looks at how digital changes business models and how new tech quickly fades into the background (like microwaves), or gets disrupted by layered innovation (like apps on top of mobile phones). Paul describes a landscape in which a buoyant peer-to-peer economy is set against up to 50% of traditional jobs at risk of automation.


Paul Papadimitriou is a leading thinker, strategist and consultant on mobile, online and all areas of innovation and technology.

Looking at what he refers to as the third industrial revolution, Paul examines how digital has changed lives and businesses - from how we learn to how we buy - and how the speed of change can overwhelm, distract and excite in equal parts.

Whether it’s the world of work as seen by the so-called ‘millennials’ and the different technological perspectives of various cultures and generations, Paul has given his insight to businesses including SAB Miller, Unilever, Tumblr, and IBM. He looks at the key signifiers in the crowded digital space and highlights what’s important, what’s not, and what it means. Drawing from shifts in economics, society, politics and, of course, technology, he offers a look at what will happen in the short term, rather than the more abstract decade-plus predictions of some.

Taking a truly global perspective, Paul looks at how technologies have changed the developing world, what users young and old expect from organisations, and what it means for individuals, societies and businesses.

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