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Psychologist & Former NHS Clinical Lead

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Owen's book Ten To Zen shot straight in at Number three on Amazon's Bestsellers, being beaten to the top two spots by Michelle Obama and Joe Wicks. He is a regular contributor to Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, and The Times. In his speeches Owen makes complex psychological and mental health information accessible and understandable. 


Owen O’Kane a former NHS mental health clinical lead and mental health expert. He is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling book, Ten To Zen. Growing up in Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles,' was the perfect training ground for Owen to understand the anxious mind due to the conflict and fear that existed in the region. As a former palliative care nurse, he heard first-hand the biggest regrets people have on their death beds and as a result, learnt about the stresses and worries we shouldn't hold onto.

He has over twenty-five years’ experience in physical and mental health and is a former NHS Mental Health Clinical lead. Owen’s time in the NHS saw him use a multitude of techniques in helping people with mental health. He has a down to earth, "no fluff" approach, and is passionate about helping people achieve calmer, happier lives. Owen now runs a successful private practice in London.

In his book Ten Times Happier: How to Let Go of What’s Holding You Back, Owen reveals how to choose new, healthier perspectives and ditch harmful patterns in key areas that are overthought about or managed poorly. While, in How To Be Your Own Therapist: Boost your mood and reduce your anxiety in 10 minutes a day, Owen shows how anyone can use simple, understandable techniques to unlock better mental health.

Owen works with global corporates, from keynotes through to workshops, helping leaders and teams avoid workplace stress and burnout. With his broad approach and extensive experience, he can talk on a variety of subjects and challenges, but Owen has a particular slant towards helping people understand why flexible thinking is the key to success instead of ‘positive thinking’.

Jake Humphrey selected Owen to be his mental health expert on stage with him during the High Performance Podcast Tour. He is the resident Sunday night phone-in expert on BBC Radio 5Live, helping people manage their Sunday Night ‘fear’ and is a script advisor for BBC Drama on psychological matters.

Owen is a regular contributor to press, news and tv, working with Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, MailOnline, BBC Radio London, GQ, Big Issue and Evening Standard.

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Book written by Owen O'Kane
Book written by Owen O'Kane
Book written by Owen O'Kane