Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

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Mental Health Consultant

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Nick served fourteen years in the army and was deployed on several operational tours around the globe including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He now fronts the Let’s Talk mental health podcast. Nick’s talks cover a range of topics surrounding mental health in the workplace, resilience and the impact of change and transition. It is his purpose in life to inspire, educate & empower individuals and organisations so they can manage their own mental wellbeing.


Nick Wilson is a British Army veteran. He served on the frontline and as a trainer, and now works extensively in mental health awareness and workplace mental health strategy.

Leaving the military after fourteen years’ service, Nick started to become aware that he was experiencing the effects of PTSD. He started his own chauffeur business, but his early success was halted by continued problems with his mental health. Forced to sell the business after a breakdown and attempted suicide, followed by a period of rehabilitation, the experience also took its toll on his marriage and family life. Setting up a mental health consultancy, Nick also battled with physical health problems, the effects of a spinal injury and fibromyalgia meaning he experienced almost constant pain and had to move away from the company. Nick now fronts the Let’s Talk mental health podcast and works with the social enterprise Racing Minds.

Combining his personal experiences with his time as a military trainer, Nick has qualified as a therapist and focuses on helping others struggling with their mental health. He looks at the practical approaches both individuals and organisations can apply to both monitor and address mental health problems. He looks at how companies need to address mental health as a cultural issue, helping managers to become coaches, constructing robust strategies, and looking beyond awareness days and mental health first aiders. Nick considers the roles of individuals, teams, leaders, and departments in understanding mental health and the positive effects of putting it at the centre of working life, and he looks at how we deal with change, finding a purpose, and how we face our expectations and challenges.

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