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Nick Robinson

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Today Presenter, Former Political Editor

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Before fronting Radio 4’s Today and various documentaries, Nick guided the nation through each political twist and turn with a ready wit and piercing insight. After dinner he might reveal why David Cameron sent him a note signed ‘Yours, Cucumber’ – or how a former Bank of England Governor’s shopping trip to Truro very nearly caused a major currency crisis.


Nick Robinson presents the Today programme, Radio 4’s agenda-setting daily news show. He has also made documentaries on subjects from Sir Alex Ferguson to Europe. He previously took the mantle of BBC Political Editor from Andrew Marr, after three years in the same role at ITV News. Serving for a decade in the role he went on to become one of the broadcaster’s most popular correspondents.

After studying PPE at Oxford, Nick was inspired to go into broadcasting by the legendary Today presenter and family friend, Brian Redhead. He gained production experience on Brass Tacks, Newsround and Crimewatch, and got his first presenting credits on Radio 5Live. A former Deputy Editor of On The Record and Panorama, Nick is one of several to have switched from working behind the camera to appearing on-screen. He is, however, the only one to have served as Political Editor for both ITV and BBC.

Nick reported on Prime Minister’s Questions and fronted Westminster Live before becoming the nation’s favourite political correspondent. He cemented his reputation in the 2010 and 2015 General Elections, guiding his audience through every twist and turn of the historic events with a sharp insight and a welcome wit. He brings the same insight to his books, Live from Downing Street - The Inside Story of Politics and the Media, and Election Notebook: The Inside Story Of The Battle Over Britain's Future And My Personal Battle To Report It, which not only looks at the tumultuous 2015 campaign, but also Nick’s struggle with cancer and the treatment that resulted in the loss of his voice. In ten years as Editor, he covered the Blair, Brown, and Cameron administrations, and famously clashed with George W Bush.

As well as almost twenty years of standing outside Number 10, Nick has appeared on Have I Got News for You, competed in University Challenge - The Professionals, and indulged his passion for Manchester United in an exclusive one-off interview, Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success. He also took a pre-Brexit referendum look at the EU in Europe - Them & Us.

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Book written by Nick Robinson
Book written by Nick Robinson