Professor Mike Berners-Lee

Professor Mike Berners-Lee

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Climate Researcher & Author, There Is No Planet B

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A leading mind on carbon metrics, and on climate change and sustainability more broadly, Mike looks at how both individuals and organisations can play their part in keeping the planet habitable. In his speeches, as in his books, he looks at the big picture on climate change, the small details around the effects of small everyday items (even a Google search), and the effect of the underlying political and economical dynamics surrounding the world's biggest challenge.



Mike Berners-Lee is a leading author, academic, consultant and advisor on climate change and sustainability. As a professor at Lancaster University he focuses on carbon metrics and food systems, whilst his company Small World, which is affiliated to the university, helps businesses around the world monitor and manage the carbon impact of their supply chains.

In his book There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years, Mike examines the challenge of climate change and how individuals, business and governments can each play their own significant role in keeping the planet habitable. Whilst in How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything he explores the hidden impact of everyday items and activities, as well as the big effects of small changes. The Burning Question, co-written with Duncan Clark, examines the bigger questions from politics, economics and beyond that need addressing in order to tackle climate change.

Mike considers every aspect of our world and how it affects the climate. He helps investors consider the long-term effects and viability of their investments, and how to change. He looks at ideas of ethics and purpose in business and the role of carbon in these increasingly important concepts. And he considers the connections between often apparently separate disciplines and activities, the threats and opportunities, and how climate bring them all together.

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Book written by Professor Mike Berners-Lee
Book written by Professor Mike Berners-Lee