Dale Vince OBE

Dale Vince OBE

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Founder, Ecotricity

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Dale started the first renewable energy provider, which today powers 200k homes and businesses. He also has ventures in vegan school dinners and lab-grown diamonds, and owns FIFA’s ‘greenest football club in the world’ – Forest Green Rovers. Dale argues for intervention to spur investments: “There’s no such thing as a free market. They are all man-made. We need regulations.”


A former New Age traveller, Dale founded the world’s first green energy company in 1995. That firm, Ecotricity, powers 200,000 homes and businesses with wind and solar energy across the UK, and operates Europe’s first electric vehicle charging network, known as the Electric Highway.

Another of Dale’s ventures is Devil’s Kitchen, a company that makes vegan school dinners. Skydiamond, the lab he created to sustainably produce diamonds, grows the precious stone from scratch using renewable energy.  

A life-long advocate for sustainability, Dale’s work targets energy, transport and food, three sectors which together produce more than three quarters of the world’s carbon emissions.

He is chairman and owner of Forest Green Rovers, “the world’s greenest football club”, according to FIFA. His first book was simply titled: Manifesto. He is Executive Producer of Seaspiracy, a hard-hitting Netflix documentary about the environmental impact of overfishing and our consumption of marine life. 

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