Dr Gabrielle Walker

Dr Gabrielle Walker

Chief Scientist, Xynteo


The former Princeton academic is one of the few who take account of the inter-connected scientific, technological, economic and also political aspects of climate change. In her role as Chief Scientist at Xynteo Gabrielle presents the research data to C-Level executives, showing them how resource-efficient growth is now the best way to do business and proposing ways to bring both staff and customers fully on board. She has presented a variety of programmes for BBC Radio and has advised several UK government departments and the Asia Development Bank on the tools required for an innovative and efficient future.


Gabrielle is the co-author of The Hot Topic, which was described by Al Gore as ‘a beacon of clarity in a world of misinformation.’ After several years at the science journal Nature, and as Features Editor of the New Scientist, she is Chief Scientist of strategic advisory firm Xynteo.

A former Princeton academic, Gabrielle is one of few who takes account of the inter-connected scientific, technological, economic and political aspects of climate change. She makes sense of the research data, sets out how to bring China, India and Russia to the negotiating table and outlines how a combination of global and local solutions will enable us to keep the lights on. In her role at Xynteo she advises C-Level executives from a variety of industries about low-carbon and resource-efficient growth, using sustainability as a better way to do business and providing leadership toolkits for the twenty-first century.

More widely Gabrielle looks at issues associated to the adoption of sustainable policies in business. How effective leadership can change the culture of an organisation and the value of collaboration in leadership. The lessons in how to make a business more responsible and ethical and in doing so innovating and finding new ways to profit, rather than reducing growth.

Gabrielle has written and commissioned in all areas of science and technology, from quantum computers to novel energy sources and the future of biotechnology. She has presented for BBC Radio and writes for many newspapers and magazines. Her travels in search of new developments have taken her to all seven continents - including several stints at the South Pole. She has climbed trees in the Amazon rainforest, used a geological hammer to pull fresh lava from a volcano in Hawaii, and dodged icebergs sailing around Cape Horn.

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