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Writer, broadcaster and strategist Gabrielle considers the inter-connected scientific, technological, economic and also political aspects of climate change. She looks at how areas including sustainability, the circular economy and energy affect investment, reputation and long-term risk. Having witnessed and studied climate change first hand she remains optimistic about human endeavours to reverse or reduce the damage done with planning, collaboration and innovation.


Gabrielle Walker is a strategist, writer and broadcaster who works with businesses to address global challenges, with a particular focus on sustainability, energy, mobility, finance, land-use, plastics and the circular economy, and climate change.

Amongst many appointments Gabrielle has taught at both Cambridge and Princeton Universities, and served as Climate Change Editor at Nature and Features Editor at New Scientist. She has presented programmes for BBC TV and radio, taking her to all seven continents to see how the world works and how it is changing. She has also written for, amongst others, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

As a writer Gabrielle has published four titles, including co-authoring the bestselling The Hot Topic - How to avoid global warming while still keeping the lights on. The book separated out the hype, the dogma and the agendas to look at the realities of, and potential solutions to climate change. It was was described by Al Gore as “a beacon of clarity” and by The Times as “a material gain for the axis of good”.

As a consultant and strategist Gabrielle advises businesses at C-level on issues including areas for future investment, manufacturing and the circular economy, and the impact strategy in these sectors can have on public and employee perception of a business. Touching on themes including leadership, talent development, risk and strategy she highlights instances of short-termism and insular thinking and encourages long-term planning, collaboration and innovation.

Gabrielle’s work has seen her make over a dozen trips to both North and South poles. She has also climbed trees in the Amazon, been sneezed on by a whale, extracted lava from an active volcano, swum amongst piranhas, and experienced zero gravity.

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