Michael Johnson (US)

Michael Johnson (US)

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Olympic Great

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One of the greatest athletes of all time, Johnson’s medal haul includes 9 World Championship and 4 Olympic golds. He was the first man to win both 400m and 200m titles. Now a businessman and a columnist, Michael shares the techniques he used to stay focused and achieve long term goals. As in his book Gold Rush, he outlines the psychological and personal qualities needed to be a champion: “Ask yourself, if a competitor is doing better than expected – do I change my strategy?”


Five-time Olympic champion Michael Johnson held the world records in both 200 and 400 metres, winning 40 outdoor events and 18 indoors. He won an exceptional nine world titles and retired with a collection of 19 gold medals.

Johnson put on one of the greatest shows in Olympic history in Atlanta, winning his second gold medal and becoming the first man to win double gold. In the same year he won the 400 meters in an Olympic record time, then smashed his own world record in the 200 meters.

He has earned the accolade Sportsman of the Year for three out of four years, one of only two three time honourees. He is also a two time recipient of the United States Olympic Committee award. Since giving up life on the track, Michael has become a regular commentator for the BBC and other broadcasters around the world. He has also founded Michael Johnson Performance, a training and performance facility in Texas where some of American’s best and most promising sportspeople train with state of the art coaching and facilities.

Michael’s objective is to motivate and rejuvenate others by sharing his message of success. Drawing on his Olympic triumphs Michael captivates audiences with his discipline to stay focused, overcome obstacles and achieve long-term goals. In speeches he discusses his belief that races are won in the mind, both in preparation, but also during the event when adapting to the situation, to the environment, to competitors, and to all manner of variables. He also emphasises the power of the team (in his case a host of coaches, technical specialist, supporters and commercial partners) and the focus on planning and taking opportunities.

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