Lucy Shepherd

Lucy Shepherd

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Explorer and Environmentalist

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Lucy is a modern adventurer whose expeditions have seen her documenting the impact of climate change on the Greenland ice sheet to exploring uncharted territory in the Guyanan rainforest.


Lucy Shepherd is at the forefront of modern exploration with adventures taking her from mountain ranges and tropical rainforests to the Arctic tundra. 

Her expedition, which she called Amazon Uncharted, saw her completing a 250-mile trek across the Amazon's Kanuku mountains, an isolated part of the Guyanan rainforest which no one is known to have crossed in modern times. With any adventure comes uncertainties and she shares tales of the challenges she and her team faced from skin infections to working with fifty-year-old maps, and how they faced them head-on. She documents her expeditions not only to captivate audiences but to share the harrowing effects of climate change and educate people about the fragile state of the natural world. As a passionate environmentalist, she hopes to inspire a new generation of influential stewards.

At twenty-three, Lucy was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a historic body who supported the work of historic figures such as Charles Darwin, Edmund Hillary, and Scott of the Antarctic.  She is also the youngest member of the council of the Scientific Exploration Society, one of the world’s oldest exploration charities.  

Lucy believes that adventure is a mindset, not a moment, and shares how everyone can live a bit more boldly to find adventure everywhere.

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