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Psychotherapist & Broadcaster

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Lucy advises businesspeople and public figures on stress, addiction and performance anxiety. As a mental health expert, Lucy has authored a number of acclaimed fiction and non-fiction books and is a regular panellist on the TV show Jeremy Vine on 5.


Lucy Beresford is a qualified psychotherapist, broadcaster and writer. An acclaimed author of both fiction and non-fiction, Lucy is the former host of weekly Sex & Relationships radio show on LBC, a regular panellist on the TV show Jeremy Vine on 5 and hosts the Facebook-streamed show Love Decorded for eHarmony.

As a former investment banker she has a unique insight as she assists businesspeople, entrepreneurs and career high-flyers in dealing with anything from stress and exhaustion, to addictions issues and depression. Along with the obvious workplace pressures she examines cultural, social and peer expectations, coping mechanisms, the pressure people put on themselves, and the warning signs of overwork. She has also applied her insight to help businesses understand clients, products and brands.

Lucy works in private practice in London, where she advises and helps those in the public eye on dealing with the pressures of media scrutiny, addiction, performance anxiety, and the impact of the loss of fame. She also works with clients in the beauty and fashion industries, exploring why beauty is so crucial to our wellbeing.

Lucy has written for The Times, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Her breadth of knowledge has made her a popular guest on radio and TV. A regular on Radios 2 and 4 and a familiar face on Sky and ITV, she has also appeared on everything from BBC 2’s Daily Politics to Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Sex Symbols.

Lucy has written non-fiction and self-help books including Happy Relationships: at home, work and play, as well as fiction including Hungry for Love, and the acclaimed Invisible Threads, the latter partly informed by her regular volunteer work in India. She has also written fiction reviews for, amongst others, The Spectator, Telegraph, and Times Literary Supplement.

Founder of The Kindness Club, Lucy has also set up the Refuge for Books scheme, creating libraries in shelters run by the domestic violence charity Refuge, winning a Prime Minister’s Point of Light award.

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