Liz Bonnin

Liz Bonnin

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BBC Science & Nature Presenter

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Having started out presenting music and entertainment shows, Liz returned to her passion for science and nature, fronting Stargazing Live, Bang Goes the Theory, Horizon and documentaries including the award-winning Galapagos and the influential Drowning In Plastic.


One of the BBC’s leading science and nature presenters, Liz Bonnin is a versatile presenter best known for programmes including Bang Goes the Theory and Stargazing Live but whose work include hosting music and lifestyle shows.

Taking time out from her studies in biochemisty and biology to travel and perform in a band, Liz’s music led her to presenting an Irish music awards programme. That led to more television work, including a move to London to cover entertainment stories for Channel 4’s breakfast show RI:SE before joining Top of the Pops.

After completing studies for her Masters degree Liz then went back to presenting, this time to front BBC One’s Bang Goes The Theory for eight series. Since then Liz has worked on various science and natural history programmes, including BBC2’s Museum of Life, Horizon and Tomorrow’s World. Other projects have included the BAFTA award-winning Big Blue Live for BBC One, Stargazing Live, Springwatch, and the award-winning Galapagos, which saw Liz join a team of scientists to dive to a depth of 1km, the deepest anyone has gone in the islands’ waters. She also presented a number of documentaries, including BBC One’s Drowning In Plastic and Blue Planet Live. The former examined the global problem of plastic waste, contributing to the public debate on pollution and the health of the oceans.

Liz's work on and off camera incorporates sustainability and natural history as well as technology and AI and the studying of STEM subjects. A natural communicator, she explains the complexities of science and the environment to any audience, as well as the key issues of concern to businesses, governments and individuals.

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