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As well as editing the daily business institution Lionel has edited the US and European editions. He is one of the most respected voices on transatlantic affairs and has written extensively on relations between Washington, London and Brussels.


Lionel Barber is the editor of the Financial Times. Previously he edited the US edition of the paper, has served as editor of the European edition, as well as News Editor and Washington Correspondent.

Beginning his career as a reporter and feature writer at The Scotsman he left Edinburgh to join The Sunday Times as Business Correspondent. He then moved to the FT where he would stay for over two decades. Starting out as Washington Correspondent and then US Editor, then returning to Europe as Brussels Bureau Chief.

As well as his journalism, Lionel is the author of a number of books including Britain and the New Agenda, Defence Beat - the Media and the Military, Without Honour - The Westland Affair and The Price of Truth - the Story of Reuters’ Millions. He has also published articles across the US and Europe in newspapers and journals and is a regular contributor on TV and radio

Lionel has lectured widely on US foreign policy, transatlantic relations and the European Union in the US and in Europe. He was visiting scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and at European University Institute in Florence, as well as appearances at Harvard, Stanford and The Council of Foreign Relations. He was even charged with briefing President George W Bush ahead of his first trip to Europe. In presentations Lionel looks at the business, economic and political climate and what the future may hold.

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