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Lindsay Herbert

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Author of Digital Transformation & Inventor

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With a focus on the real-world of customers and workforces, Lindsay examines the five critical stages of digital transformation. Dealing with and embracing innovation and disruption are as much a matter of strategy and culture as they are about understanding what technology can achieve. Lindsay delivers examples and cautionary lessons in how the digital can add customer value and free up people to collaborate, innovate and focus on the human aspects of their job, but only when allowed to by internal structures.


Lindsay Herbert is an inventor, writer and digital transformation expert. She is the author of Digital Transformation, an acclaimed, practical examination of driving significant change through innovation at scale. Lindsay is an IBM Inventor and is Global Chief Innovation Officer at IBM Garage GBS.

In a career that started in journalism in her native Canada, Lindsay moved to marketing and then into web design and digital strategy. Now at IBM, she plays a leading role in the company’s Garage division, a centre dedicated to real-world innovation, partnering with client companies of all sizes to quickly, effective create and implement new ideas. Lindsay advises senior business leaders on their innovation strategies as well as creating new technologies for IBM themselves.

Amongst Lindsay’s projects and inventions for IBM has been the Instant Checkout, a groundbreaking system that reads what items have been bought without individually scanning them, and then enables quick, secure payment. The project garnered international media attention and is an example of how technology, rather than potentially replacing workers, frees them to focus on the human aspects of work, interacting with customers and reacting quickly to issues such as fluctuations in stock and footfall.

Having led transformation programmes with organisations from Shell to the UN to the NHS, Lindsay addresses both the human and technical sides to disruption in an engaging style and with accessible, real examples. Her core message relates successful transformation to being able to spot, adapt and react to the early signs of change, and implementing the technology available as well as new ways of working.

With revealing insights into the applications, myths and limitations of technologies, Lindsay looks at how they can radically change the world of work. Successful transformations rest on identifying the right problems. It can enable staff to drive change and free them up to have more ideas. But it can also mislead when businesses believe they need to be seen to be innovative, rather than understanding what it really means.

Alongside her work at IBM, Lindsay is also a Governor at the Museum of London and co-chair of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Technology Council.

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