Jonathan  Taylor  (Croatia)

Jonathan Taylor (Croatia)

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Oil Industry Whistleblower

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Jonathan has had an eventful decade since he helped unearth evidence of multi-million-dollar corruption at his former employer, Dutch based multinational SBM Offshore. He has been an FBI informant, key witness in Brazil’s carwash corruption mega-scandal, received an Interpol Red Notice, and was awarded the Blueprint Prize for Whistleblowing. In speeches, Jonathan shows how the world is not yet equipped for whistleblowers and offers an understanding of corruption at the highest levels of international society.


Oil industry lawyer Jonathan Taylor provided evidence about bribes being offered in return for contracts at Dutch company SBM Offshore. His revelations about the massive corporate cover-up caused shockwaves through the industry, including the resignation of the entire board of Petrobras, then one of the largest companies in the southern hemisphere. 

The whistleblower spent a decade fighting various charges of attempted extortion and defamation and, after being issued with an Interpol Red Notice, spent a year under house arrest in Croatia. After the intervention of British MPs and the Croatian Ministry of Justice, the investigation was closed and Jonathan was cleared of all charges.

In speeches Jonathan shares his experiences and considers the lasting effects the events of the last ten years have had on him, both professionally and personally. He offers an insight into corporate fraud, how not to manage a crisis, and the life changing risks whistleblowers face when they expose corruption.

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