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Vicky Pryce

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Chief Economic Advisor, CEBR

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The former Joint Head of the Government Economic Service, Vicky has also held senior positions in the banking and oil sectors, and published Economics For Voters. She now advises a leading independent consultancy. In presentations she weighs up the risks; as well as China’s slowdown and uncertainties following the Brexit vote, she points to uncoordinated monetary policy and high non-performing loans continuing to put pressure on the world’s banking systems.


Vicky Pryce is a leading economist working on UK, global and Eurozone issues. Having worked in senior positions in business and government, she is now Chief Economic Advisor at the respected Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), where she is also a board member and Visiting Professor at BCU and King’s College, London. She considers both the economic situation, and the policy implications for business.

Previously, Vicky was Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, Director General for Economics at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Joint Head of the UK Government Economic Service. Before that she was Partner at the accounting and consulting firm KPMG after senior economic positions in banking and the oil sector.

She is a Fellow and Council member of the UK Academy of Social Sciences, a Fellow of the Society of Professional Economists, a Companion of the British Academy of Management and on the Advisory Group of the Better Statistics CIC. Vicky is also co-founder of GoodCorporation, a company set up to advise on business ethics, a patron of the charities Pro Bono Economics and Working Chance, a member of the Advisory Board of the central banking think-tank OMFIF and Chair of the Economic Advisory Council of the British Chambers of Commerce.

Vicky is a regular commentator on tv and radio on UK and international. Her business books include: Greekonomics: The Euro crisis and Why Politicians Don't Get It, It's the Economy, Stupid- Economics for Voters, Redesigning Manufacturing, Women vs Capitalism and How to be a Successful Economist.

In presentations Vicky addresses the crises in the Eurozone, and offers a broad economic overview for business, the trends to watch, and the impact of policies from immigration to regulation.

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Book written by Vicky Pryce
Book written by Vicky Pryce
Book written by Vicky Pryce
Book written by Vicky Pryce