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Founder, LOADED

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James is credited with creating the ‘lads’ magazine sector, which has since become a worldwide phenomenon. After LOADED he then published Jack, Viz and Bizarre. With a management style akin to Gordon Ramsay, he talks passionately about how to spot talent and build teams around the brand.


James Brown founded LOADED, and in one stroke completely revolutionised men’s magazines. It has since sold well over 30 million copies.

After LOADED James was asked to help turn around the fortunes of GQ for Condé Nast. He left to launch his own company, I Feel Good, which published Jack, Viz, Bizarre and the official Leeds United FC fanzine. He sold the group for £6.4m in 2003.

James now runs a digital magazine, Sabotage Times, which has a unique business model: no writer is paid unless their material is picked up by other sites or publications. Essentially a ‘shop window’ for writers, it has no office, only two members of staff, and relies heavily on communications technology to operate.

James has consulted for a host of magazines and newspapers from the Mail on Sunday to Readers’ Digest, and he is a regular cultural and media commentator on TV and radio.

James Brown is a refreshingly straight-talking speaker. With a series of messages from his own experiences that apply to almost any business, he talks about having the guts to enter new markets and take on the competition. He also provides a sharp insight into how to spot talent.

James has been voted Editor of The Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors. He has been profiled in both Newsweek and Vanity Fair.

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