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Political Analyst and Commentator

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The journalist and broadcaster penned Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? and started the Remainiacs podcast alongside other pro-Remain commentators. A former editor of Politics.co.uk, Ian writes for a variety of newspapers and regularly appears on TV and radio.



Ian Dunt is a political analyst and commentator. He is the author of Brexit: What the Hell Happens now?, a guide to the Brexit process. In How To Be A Liberal: The Story of Freedom and the Fight for its Survival, Ian tells the story of liberalism, from its birth in the fight against absolute monarchy to the modern-day resistance against the new populism. While in How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't, Ian lifts the lid on British politics and exposes aspects of the system in a way that can be understood and challenged, from the heights of Downing Street to the depths of the nation's newsrooms, from the hallways of the civil service to the green benches of the Commons.

Ian is the former editor of Politics.co.uk, one of the most widely read specialist political websites by MPs and members of the public. He is a columnist for New European and the i newspaper. On TV and radio Ian has appeared on Any Questions, Newsnight, and Sky’s Newspaper Review.

He was part of the team that launched Remainiacs, a political podcast about Britain's departure from the European Union, which was remamed Oh God, What Now? With Dorian Lynskey, Ian is also the host of the podcast Origin Story.

As a speaker Ian considers fake news and the future of politics, Brexit and British politics, and if there is a limit to the global spread of populism.

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Book written by Ian  Dunt
Book written by Ian  Dunt
Book written by Ian  Dunt