Professor Germaine Greer

Professor Germaine Greer

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Professor Greer has carved an entire career out of speaking her mind. Since priming a whole seventies generation with The Female Eunuch, Germaine has sparked debate on everything from aboriginal rights to male nudes. 40 years after the arrival of feminism she sees the female narrative disappearing from the media: “We should be angry, but women are put off by ‘the ugliness of rage.’” Her solution is to mobilise along the lines of a WI pressure group.


The academic and broadcaster Germaine Greer is widely considered one of the most influential commentators on twenty first century life. She has made her presence felt on everything from Newsnight Review to Celebrity Big Brother.

A former Professor of English at Warwick, Greer became a household name when she published The Female Eunuch, attracting praise and opprobrium in more or less equal measure.

She has since highlighted injustice against women in Asia and Africa, and managed an area of rainforest in her native Australia. On a raft of contentious issues, she takes a refreshingly practical view where others mire themselves in political correctness.

In her speeches and theatre shows Germaine fields questions on almost any subject, serious or light, from biodiversity to Shakespeare’s women to sex for the over 60s. Audiences find the encounter candid, provocative and seriously amusing.

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Once over the thrill of meeting a feminist legend, you realise Germaine is an authority on anything from ageing to Australia. She illuminates her argument with casually recalled quotes, taking on lofty concepts with warmth and self-deprecating humour. She manages to cut through the cacophony of politically correct discourse with a bluntness and common sense you just can’t ignore. JLA Agent Dennis Perry

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