Dr Ellie Cannon

Dr Ellie Cannon

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Writer, Broadcaster, and GP

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Dr Ellie is one of a new generation of doctors where communication skills are paramount. She has the medical knowledge but also the vibrant personality and vitality to relate to her patients and audiences. Ellie specialises in communication and is as comfortable talking to new mums with their babies as she is dealing with the sex lives of teenagers. As a GP, having a broad family health practice allows her to speak with authority on issues across all aspects of health and the NHS.


Dr Ellie Cannon is a writer, broadcaster, and GP. She frequently comments on general health, wellbeing, and mental health. From delivering a baby on the floor of her practice surgery to dealing alone with dying patients in the middle of the night, Ellie has gained a wide variety of experiences from her time working in an NHS practice in London. She speaks with authority on a range of issues such as diet, alcoholism, mental health, dementia, and the changing climate of the NHS.

In her book Is Your Job Making You Ill?: How to survive and thrive when it happens to you, Ellie considers everything from when the ‘Sunday night blues’ is more than just an inconvenience, to serious physical and psychological symptoms of stress. She is also the author of the widely acclaimed Keep Calm:The New Mum's Manual.

Elsewhere Ellie has been the resident GP for the Mail on Sunday, Mailonline, NetDoctor and Best magazine. She is widely quoted in media on health matters. Professor Brian Cox tweeted that her Daily Mail article on the MMR vaccine was a “science communications triumph.”

Her TV career started on BBC1, as the in-house medical expert on The Secret Tourist. She also appeared as the GP on Sky Living's documentary Slave to Food, as well as BBC1's Long Live Britain, and she was one of the key medical experts on two Channel 4's Health Freaks, and Doctor In Your House. Ellie has worked with the Tonight team on ITV1 and been the on-air GP for Sky News’ Sunrise. She’s also a regular on Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show.

Ellie has been involved in a number of Public Health England campaigns including Change4Life and Antibiotic Awareness and has given evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image.

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Book written by Dr Ellie Cannon
Book written by Dr Ellie Cannon