David Bryon

David Bryon

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Former MD, bmibaby

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When he isn’t pursuing his second career as a club comedian, the former MD of bmibaby uncovers the truth about airport check-ins, customer relations, in- flight communication and other joys of 21st century travel. In conferences he looks at the valuable lessons for any business dealing with the public. After dinner, audiences are also invited to practise safety procedure, but not quite as we know it.


Setting up and running a low-cost airline is a challenge in anyone’s book and David Bryon, former Managing Director of bmibaby, lived to tell the tale…and he does just that.

One of Europe’s largest low cost airlines, bmibaby started off small and grew to a turnover of £400 million in under four years. David speaks with authority on business growth, customer service, leadership, environmental impact, and what businesses everywhere can learn from the highly competitive and challenging aviation sector.

After university, David moved to America, where he was involved with small businesses and e-commerce. He also wrote a newspaper column and hosted a local talk show. He returned to the UK to take up a role with bmi and was then part of the management team that set-up bmibaby.

David mixes sound business advice with hilarious tales from the aviation industry. He reveals the funny side of airport check-ins, in-flight communication, customer relations and other highlights of 21st century flying. His speech also involves audience participation, with guests practising safety procedure – or at least David’s version of it!

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