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Journalist, Author of Extra Time: 10 Lessons for an Ageing World

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Award-winning journalist and former Head of the Number 10 Policy Unit, Camilla has worked extensively on health and social care policy alongside writing for The Times and Financial Times. Her book Extra Time examines the facts and implications of an ageing population, from scientific advances in keeping people healthier for longer (and even potentially prolonging life indefinitely) to managing workplaces spanning five generations and the social, political and economic impact of that, and the future meaning and value of work.


Camilla Cavendish is an award-winning journalist and former Head of the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street under Prime Minister David Cameron. She is also the author of Extra Time: 10 Lessons for an Ageing World, an acclaimed examination of the dramatic demographic shift that is redefining how we should look at many aspects of society. From multigenerational workplaces and skills of the future to technology and AI, she explores the trends that are going to shape the near future. 

Before joining the Policy Unit, Camilla worked as an Associate Editor, columnist and leader writer at The Times, before moving to the paper’s Sunday sister title. Previously, she worked as a consultant for McKinsey, at media company Pearson, and served as a Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission. The Secretary of State for Health also asked her to lead a review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in the NHS and social care sector.

At Number 10 Camilla formed, implemented and advised on a range of Government policies and initiatives, most notably persuading the PM to adopt the so-called ‘sugar tax’. She left Downing Street, becoming a member of the House of Lords and a Senior Fellow in Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she researched demographic challenges. 

In speeches, Camilla explores the political and social effects of our increasingly divided, growing population. She asks whether we are too passive about the wave of automation and the growing use of AI and robots, whether the divide between the new five generations working together is really age or skill, and whether there is a link between an ageing population, food production and climate change. With work and the workplace set to radically change, she examines how skills, careers and education may become life-long projects centered more around personal values - looking more like a ‘career lattice’ than a career ladder. 

Camilla regularly features on broadcast media delivering insights into the political world, health and social care, and the future of work. She writes for the Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Spectator. As well as her Lords and Harvard work she is also the Chair of Frontline, a charity focused on encouraging professionals to go into social work.


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