Anthony Klotz

Anthony Klotz

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Predicted The Great Resignation

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Anthony is a management professor who studies employee performance, work design, and the psychology of quitting. He predicted The Great Resignation and came up with the phrase. Anthony shares his insights about the future of work and provides evidence-based guidance for how leaders can position their employees and their companies to thrive in it.


Anthony is best known for having coined the phrase The Great Resignation in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. In the interview he identified multiple trends he observed as the pandemic eased, and predicted would lead to record high voluntary turnover in the US workforce.

Anthony’s theory was based on his research on employee resignations, and his expertise in organisational psychology. Since then, the US economy experienced over a year of record rates of resignations. During this time, Anthony has repeatedly appeared in the media to discuss The Great Resignation, and has met with hundreds of organisational leaders to share his insights for how companies can not only weather it, but strengthen employee engagement through it.

He is also an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at UCL School of Management. His research on resignations has been published in top management journals, and his insights from this research have been featured in Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal. He teaches Organisational Behaviour at the doctoral level, Leadership at the MBA level, and HR Management at the undergraduate and graduate levels, which leaves him well-equipped to speak and engage in conversations with leaders and HR professionals about the workforce issues they are facing, and to offer insights for how to respond.

He also discusses how nature can energise employees. Most companies are now redesigning the ways that their employees work, with the goal of creating jobs that motivate high performance and enhance worker well-being, Anthony explains how companies can work in ways that bring employees in closer contact with nature, and the benefits of doing so.

He explains the science behind how these efforts affect how workers think, feel, and connect with others, and gives them the knowledge of how to use nature to design jobs that create a greener, more sustainable future of work. 

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