Dr Sweta Chakraborty (US)

Dr Sweta Chakraborty (US)

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Behavioural Scientist

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Sweta is an incisive voice on the science behind human decision-making and its impact on societies, institutions and ecological networks. She brings expert knowledge from both the private and public sector to bear on some of the biggest challenges of our time, most notably climate change and Covid-19. Sweta is the US representative of We Don't Have Time, a climate-focussed organisation, and also co-hosts Risky Behavior, a podcast that sheds light on human behaviour in relation to food, drugs and sex. 


Sweta is a risk and cognitive behavioural scientist who founded Adapt to Thrive, a venture that seeks to educate governments and businesses about contemporary risks around food security and disease in the age of climate change. 

Sweta specialises in understanding risks to human security and wellbeing. At any given time, she may be seen being interviewed on CNN, BBC, Fox News Channel or Sky News. She is also the host of Risky Behaviour, a podcast that explores controversial issues on subjects ranging from nutrition and climate change to sex and prescription drugs.

Her insight in risk also appears between the covers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Safety: A Study in Public and Private Regulation, a book she co-authored, which dissects the balances of powers and responsibility effecting both regulation and litigation in the field of product safety. 

Sweta's personal belief is that the futrue of creativity and human ingenuity will flow largely from women and minority groups who have been held back from contributing meaningfully the human progress. She is a vocal advocate for increasing the representation of women and minorities in STEM fields.

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