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Angela Lamont

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Technology & Science Presenter

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Angela is a science and technology presenter who thrives on making potentially complex subjects engaging and enjoyable, not only for her audiences but also to encourage young people into industries where they can change the world for the better. Angela doesn’t just host an event, she gets under the skin of it; becomes part of the organisation and sees it from the inside, not as an outsider. 


Angela Lamont has presented over two hundred science and tech programmes on BBC1, BBC2, Radio 4 and digital, including the quirky science-with-a-smile BAFTA and RTS award winning “It’ll Never Work?”, “Fragile Planet”, “The Network”, “Science Fix”, “Ground Control” and “The Physical World”.

Her first two jobs as a young tech graduate were to design systems to ’stop houses blowing up’ and ‘bring people back from the dead’. Angela drove the world’s first self-driving car on BBC1, predicted online grocery shopping (provoking bags of hate mail) on Radio 4 and judged the Turing Test back way before ChatGPT or Bard.

Angela has worked with all the Big Science organisations in Europe, plus many organisations in renewables, sustainability, tech, fintech and engineering. In her events, keynotes and livestreams, her open mind, quick wit, and warmth help people to see changes coming, view them as opportunities and embrace them.

When hosting conferences, Angela has been called a “sector relationship counsellor”, as many people have remarked that she has helped them to fall back in love with their subject when it had started to feel stale and made them feel excited about it again.

Angela’s main mission in life is to bring everything down to Earth so that everyone engages, sees how the future can be different - on a personal level - and leaves the event or finishes the livestream feeling that ‘disruption’ is a misnomer and that the phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” is wholly inadequate for the new kinds of life-changing tech we’re about to embrace.


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I’m constantly impressed with Angela’s industriousness. She’s a fastidious researcher and she always seems to have a genuine interest in the topic. My clients re-book her again and again – that says everything. JLA Agent Ben Arnold

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