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Digital Transformation & Social Media Strategist

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Since his early days running chatrooms before helping MySpace to attract 10m UK users, Andrew has become one of the foremost experts in digital transformation and the power of digital platforms and social media to disrupt business. He has worked with businesses of all types, as well as education and the public sector to better understand the digital world and what it means for their organisations, goals and strategies, from the use of data to telling a compelling and consistent narrative.


As one of Britain’s foremost social media and digitalisation experts, Andrew Davis has trained teams at organisations as diverse as Saatchi & Saatchi, KPMG, Barnardo’s, the London Fire Brigade and the Premier League. He helps businesses of all types transform, disrupt and prepare, through strategic advice and training around all aspect of how digital is changing everything we do as employees and consumers.

In presentations and workshops Andrew explains how digital is evolving and what it means for business. From customers data and social media interaction to strategies for marketing, recruitment and leadership, digital platforms and online living has revolutionised how business is conducted. He underlines the need to make each aspect of your digital strategy work alongside traditional business strategies. He challenges businesses to see the digital world as an ever-changing tool that can help communication, improve products and services, and promote brands. He also considers how social media has changed perceptions of businesses and brands, looking at those that have succeeded and those that have failed to address public concerns and adapt to new business models.

Andrew started his career by running chat rooms for Pop Idol in the early days of reality TV talent shows. He also worked on Friends Reunited, before joining the BBC to help launch the digital urban music station, Radio 1Xtra. He then joined as a Marketing Manager and played a leading role in propelling the site from one to ten million UK users in under a year; Andrew was responsible for building the brand - including community development, content and digital marketing.

A visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths College, Andrew Davis also designed the first social media course linked to GCSE English. He sits on Ofcom’s Advisory committee and has featured in Media Week’s 30 Under 30 and The Guardian’s report on the top ethnic minority contributors to British media.

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Andrew cuts through the gimmickry and helps you create a proper social media strategy. As well as waxing lyrical on how to create great content, he encourages you to pin down elusive ROI. But for me Andrew’s real magic is the way he equips you with the tools and confidence to keep making the right decisions - even when the game changes all over again. JLA Agent Jethro Fox

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