Alex Sbardella

Alex Sbardella

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Retail Technology Expert

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Whether it’s how companies are merging their high street and online experiences or how drones might affect our entire concept of shopping, Alex considers the latest developments in one of the world’s biggest industries and one that touches all of our lives. He asks if Amazon is a threat or an opportunity, will VR remove the need for stores, and what are the best strategies to engage with customers in the digital era.


Alex Sbardella is a retail technology expert looking at the latest developments, companies and people changing the face of an industry that affects everyone’s lives. From social media and supply chain to drones and logistics to augmented reality and shops, he looks at the present and near future of one of the world’s biggest industries.

The former Senior Vice-President of Global Innovation at GDR, one of the world’s leading retail consultancies, Alex worked with many of the world’s biggest retailers as well as industry groups. He monitors trends in the sector as well as technological developments of all types that might affect retail. He examines areas such as the relationship between online and real world stores, and how technology is used to create loyalty between customer and brand. He looks at the huge influence of Amazon and asks whether they represent a threat or an opportunity for many retailers. From changes to the high street landscape to consumer awareness of supply chain and ethical practices to AI, VR and blockchain, he considers the key areas anyone connected to retail needs to be aware of.

Prior to GDR Alex was a director at a retail tech company working on apps and strategy for the likes of Topshop (where he developed both customer and staff apps), Asos and Mastercard. He also worked on omnichannel platforms and in-store technology for over 2,500 stores in over 50 countries, including many award-winning projects.

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