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Future of Mobility Expert

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With decades of global experience in moving people and things in both business and government, Tim is an expert on what future cities, transport and automation might look like. Having worked for Google X and Waymo, he led teams in designing, preparing and launching projects at the forefront of technological innovation, including the world's first fully self-driving ride-hailing service. His own company Emerging Transport Advisors guides clients in preparing for the shared, electric and automated disruptions facing society. Sharing examples of initiatives happening around the world, he ties in his transport expertise with sustainability,  the future of work and emerging technologies.


Timothy Papandreou is a global expert and thought leader in the future of mobility and automation. As the former strategic partnerships manager at Google X and Waymo and as the founder of Emerging Transport Advisors, he has nearly two decades of global experience in developing vision, policy, and launching pioneering innovation across almost all modes of transport.

He has previously worked as Chief Innovation Officer in San Francisco, leading teams to deliver various programs such as the US Smart City Challenge, using data and technology to help people and goods move more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently around the city. He also worked on Vision Zero, the city’s road safety policy that makes streets safe and livable and supported initiatives around the nation's first urban drone policy efforts. At Google X and Waymo, he prepared the commercialisation and launch of the world's first fully self-driving ride-hailing service. His company Emerging Transport Advisors provides guidance on the active disruptions to the transport system and how they affect wider society. He also founded City Innovate, a smart city platform matching governments and startups to accelerate innovation and has helped start-ups, like Uber, to navigate within the mobility sector. 

Always one step ahead of the curve, Tim’s unique private, public and community experience allows him to see the signals and trends early and join the dots to develop unique perspectives and insights. As well as big picture thinking, he shares how to put ideas into practice to build win-win partnerships and deliver forward-thinking initiatives. He considers how people connect and interact with each other within spaces and how mobility is changing to be seen as more of a service, rather than something you own. With examples of bike-sharing and ride-hailing projects across the world, he considers the benefits and pitfalls of new initiatives and explores how transportation and cities must lean into automation, electrification and digitalisation. He also looks at what a sustainable future looks like, sharing examples of cities around the world using bio planning to build infrastructure and create movement in a way that remains in sync with nature. 

Alongside transport, his expertise intersects with many other areas of interest including emerging technologies, the changing world of work and ESG. He speaks passionately about the opportunities that the blockchain and the metaverse provide, including sharing examples from his own industries such as the use of digital twins to create virtual test spaces for new projects. He also looks at how the move towards working from home disrupts commuter patterns and shifts the ways in which systems run.

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