Sarah Furness

Sarah Furness

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Former RAF Helicopter Pilot and Squadron Leader

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Sarah spent twenty years as a RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron leader. She became an accomplished risk management and human performance trainer at the world class Defence Academy of the UK. Sarah saw a world where leaders often felt hostage to the “fragile” narrative, so she drew on her experiences as a combat helicopter pilot and mindfulness coach to develop a different approach, the Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) Formula.


After graduating from Cambridge University, Sarah Furness followed her dream to become an RAF helicopter pilot and Squadron leader. She led operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. During her experiences at home and at war, she learnt that tough capable people don’t always feel as strong as they look. This prompted her to re-train and harness her experience and passion to help people use their impressive (but often mischievous) brains as a force for good.

Sarah's experiences as a combat operational commander, helicopter pilot, mother and mindfulness coach has led her to develop her own unique Healthy Automatic Behaviours In Threatening Scenarios (H.A.B.I.TS.) Formula, a way to train the mind to be a Jedi master under pressure and accomplish zen like levels of self-belief and inner calm.

In her book Fly Higher, Sarah looks at how to train and ultimately rewire the mind in order to feel in control and resilient in adversity, and how to leverage these skills to relate to others and lead others skilfully and authentically.

Her speaking style is robust (she is combat helicopter pilot and fluent in alpha male), science-based and good-humoured.

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