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A&E Medic & Campaigner

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After working as an emergency medic, Alex took the unusual step of participating in ITV2’s Love Island. His profile on social and broadcast media has given him a platform to reach broad, and often hard to reach audiences on the subjects of health and wellbeing, and in particular mental health.


Alex George is an A&E medic, campaigner, writer and broadcaster. Although initially best known for participating in ITV2’s Love Island, he has since combined his hospital day job with regular appearances on TV, and developing a significant social media following, to talk about issues from Covid-19 to mental health and wellbeing.

After studying medicine George specialised in Emergency Medicine at London’s University Hospital Lewisham. A couple of years later, he applied to appear on ITV2’s Love Island, launching his profile with a younger, social media-aware audience. He returned to practice at Lewisham part-time, combining his work with his newfound celebrity status to talk about health issues, and in particular mental health. As well as appearing on shows such as Good Morning Britain and Loose Women, he also launched his podcast The Waiting Room with Dr Alex. The podcast covers issues from general fitness to cancer, as well as delivering an insight into emergency medicine and the lessons in preparedness, risk and pressure. During the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as his frontline duties, he worked with government as a Youth Mental Health Ambassador, taking to social media to highlight the effects of lockdown and the resources available to young people struggling with mental health issues. He took on the role in the wake of his own personal tragedy after his brother died of suicide.

One of Alex’s missions is to change perceptions around mental health, comparing it to physical health where in the latter the response is generally positive and around improvement, the former is often assumed to be negative and about coping. He’s aiming to make mental health as much about resilience, courage and happiness as it is about dealing with a problem. He also wants to make it a compulsory part of school education, and has worked with organisations such as YoungMinds, the Anna Freud Centre, and Mind.

Alex is the author of Live Well Every Day: Your Plan for a Happy Body and Mind, a practical and broad look at wellbeing from anxiety to diet to exercise. He’s the resident medical expert on ITV’s Lorraine, and has also appeared on The One Show, Sky News, Watchdog and Celebrity Masterchef.

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