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The Guardian describe the Channel 4 illusionist as ‘the greatest dinner party guest in history.’ For corporate shows he plays double bluff with his audience, reads volunteers’ minds and builds up to an awe-inspiring finale. The act does not involve hypnosis.


Derren Brown is a psychological illusionist who can predict, suggest and even control human behaviour. Best known for his Mind Control and Trick or Treat shows for Channel 4, Derren is Britain’s answer to David Blaine.

Rather than guard the mystery behind his illusions and manipulations, Derren lays bare the techniques. He is a talented and highly skilled performer rather than a mystic, demonstrating simply and amazingly just how the human mind works.

For The Heist he persuaded three managers to commit what they believed was an armed robbery. In The System he demonstrated how statistics and confidence matter more than luck in gambling, and in The Séance he de-bunked myths about the paranormal.

Recognising that different things work for different people, Derren designs his effects around the personality and patterns of his audience. Working live, he quickly assesses each participant and chooses his psychological stunts accordingly.

With consummate skill and humour, Derren demonstrates how we can be convinced we are making a free or random choice, whilst all the time behaving in entirely predictable and manageable ways.

In addition to performances and TV specials around the world, Derren has also written Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine, in which he examines how concepts of happiness have changed over time, how we define happiness and success, and how to be happier.

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When you’re lucky enough to stumble on a free date between filming and touring, Derren’s an absolute pleasure to work with. Production is blissfully simple in any space, and he really understands corporate audiences. You end up with a fast-paced, hugely entertaining show which will baffle everyone! JLA Agent Barbara de Lacy

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