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Photo of Kjell A Nordström (Sweden)

"Kjell is a most effective communicator. He would transform any industry conference."

Association of Business Recovery Professionals


Kjell Nordström is Assistant Professor at Stockholm's School of Economics and co-author of the hugely popular Funky Business - Talent Makes Capital Dance. He is an influential thinker on the future of the multi-national corporation, corporate strategy and globalisation.

With the steady demise of the old world of mass-markets, standardisation, security and stability, Kjell looks at how corporate complacency has given way to insecurity and fear. He sees consumers 'condemned' to freedom of choice, and increasingly tribal in their behaviour. How will companies compete for their attention?

In Karaoke Capitalism, Kjell looked at the new corporate structure, with the focus on talent 'taming' and transforming individual skills into organisational knowledge. The result is a competence-based network with knowledge that is more dispersed, diverse and less durable than anything we've seen in the past.

Kjell describes how best practice and benchmarking will merely get companies to the middle of the pack. In a consumer Europe of 600 regions, rather than 27 nation states, organisations have to be first-rate versions of themselves and not second-rate copies of others.

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Customer Service & CRM, Business Strategy, Business Competitiveness, Behavioural Economics


Gaining competitive advantage by daring to be different



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