The Regent Street Cinema


21 June 2017



The last JLA Speakers Breakfast was a debate on what the future holds for the economy and geopolitics in the aftermath of the General Election.

The speakers were:

Nick Clegg served as Deputy Prime Minister in Britain’s first post war Coalition Government. A passionate pro-European and internationalist, he weighs up the prospects for Brexit in the new political landscape. 

Roger Bootle is a former HSBC Chief Economist, author of The Trouble With Europe and the most respected pro-Brexit economist. He looks at the impact on key sectors (and how that might have changed), and the task facing negotiators.

Bronwen Maddox is a former City analyst and Times US Editor, now Director of the Institute for Government. She considers the political and business fall-out, and how to govern a deeply divided democracy.

Jonathan Shaw was the first army officer to take charge of UK cyber security. He separates the hype from the real threats, and explores the part cyber now plays in the politics of power.
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