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Director, Institute for Government

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The ex-Wall Street and City analyst joined The Times as US Editor before taking over Prospect Magazine – with a mission to help both CEOs and policy makers navigate the geopolitical waters. She now heads the think tank on government effectiveness. In presentations Bronwen analyses key trends shaping anything from finance to defence. She also explores how to govern a divided country, and how to solve the big problems besetting Western democracies.


Bronwen is Director of the Institute for Government, the think tank that aims to improve the effectiveness of government. She previously served as Editor and CEO of the influential current affairs magazine, Prospect – which both explains City thinking to policy makers and helps the financial community navigate the geo-political landscape.

Bronwen started out as an investment analyst in the City and on Wall Street, and a director of Kleinwort Benson's media team. She moved into journalism to head up the Financial Times investigation into Maxwell, before joining The Times as Washington Bureau Chief, US Editor, and finally Foreign Editor. She remains a regular newspaper contributor.

With access to key figures across business, politics and leadership, Bronwen has built a reputation for informed, original insights. She has interviewed almost everyone from Henry Kissinger to Vladimir Putin.

In presentations she sets out the big challenges besetting the West, which she argues are overturning a pattern that's been settled since the end of World War II. As one example, the ageing population means that society can no longer afford the present pensions and benefits system; but is democracy capable of delivering the changes necessary, or will the scale of transformation needed make governments too unpopular to be elected?

Born in the US, Bronwen is author of the acclaimed In Defence of America. She is perfectly positioned to analyse the global impact of events on Capitol Hill.

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