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20 April 2017



This JLA Speakers Breakfast looked at how technology and data are changing business and the world. Three experts in their fields helped navigate a future dominated by the digital. A tech entrepreneur, a mathematician, and a business executive turned writer looked at the hype, the opportunities and the realities of technology, artificial intelligence and data.
The speakers were::
Alex Depledge – co-founder and former CEO of Hassle.com, Alex and her friend and co-founder Jules Coleman identified a customer need and applied technology to serve it efficiently and reliably. She takes a view on how the tech sector will develop, what customers will expect from businesses, and the rise of the gig and sharing economies. 
Hannah Fry – an academic and broadcaster, Hannah lectures in the mathematics of cities alongside regular appearances on BBC TV and radio. As well as studying patterns in everything from retail to riots, she looks at the vast array of ways in which data can be gathered and used to predict, influence and analyse behaviour.
Calum Chace – after a career taking in the likes of the BBC, BP and KPMG, Calum now focuses on artificial intelligence in both fiction and fact. He takes a broad look at AI and how much truth (or otherwise) there is in popular ideas of intelligent machines and how justified are the fears and the hopes. He also considers the use of AI in processing huge amounts of data and its potential to replace large parts of the workforce.
The Breakfast was hosted by Jeremy White – Jeremy is the Product Editor of WIRED magazine responsible for the publication’s coverage of everything from driverless cars to smart-home devices.
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