The Regent Street Cinema


27 March 2018



This JLA breakfast looked at how successful organisations need to put people first, and encourage supportive, accountable and engaged leaders. Rarely have issues around culture and accountability been as prominent as they have over the past year and we’ll consider how to build trust and openness, examine mistakes, and deal with people with a commercial airline and former RAF pilot and trainer, and the founder of Facebook’s EMEA Politics and Government division.


The speakers were:

Matt Lindley – Matt worked for Ford implementing management strategy before joining the RAF where he specialised in VIP transport. His time with the Air Force also saw him become one of the first military pilots to come out as gay. Now flying commercial 747s he looks at how the aviation industry views mistakes as a chance to learn rather than scapegoat, and what that culture says about leaders who support their people, and those that dictate to them.

Elizabeth Linder – after joining YouTube and helping their new owners Google understand the nature of user-generated content, Elizabeth witnessed the effect social media was having on political campaigns. Moving to Facebook she helped train business and political leaders around the world in how to use social media effectively. She considers leadership in the digital age, when mistakes are amplified and authenticity is highly prized.


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