Torie Campbell

Torie Campbell



Torie has danced with Moscow State Circus, fronted Party in the Pavilion, and presented F2 powerboat racing and Mercedes Benz TV.


A fresh face on the nation’s television screens, Torie Campbell has emerged as one of the most exciting new presenters of recent years. Whether she is skimming the surface on the Honda 4-stroke Power Boat Championships or whipping up a buying frenzy on Price-drop TV, her energy and versatility have ensured a steady stream of television appearances.

A trained actress and dancer, Torie started in the business as a Butlin’s Redcoat. Her warm, engaging personality led to her being chosen to front a marketing video for the holiday camps. She was then featured in an ITV docu-soap which offered an in-depth glimpse behind the scenes of Butlin’s. The series proved so popular that it was recently repeated on Sky.

Having hung up her red coat, Torie compered the Party in the Pavilion and Smash Hits pop weekends. An experienced DJ, she has appeared at venues throughout the country and has done a stint as a dancer with The Moscow State Circus. After completing the first year of a teaching degree, Victoria’s determination to be a full time television presenter finally paid off, when she was offered the role of presenting Bid-Up TV.

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Presenter Torie Campbell

Conference Presenter Torie Campbell