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Possibly the only comedian to combine having three university degrees gained on three different continents with having worked in banking and as an Yves Saint Lauren model, Sindhu has a unique comic take on life, family and the world, as showcased in her own Radio 4 series, Sindhustan.


Sindhu Vee is a comedian. An upbringing that incorporates the Philippines and India, studying in Delhi, Oxford, and Chicago (gaining a degree in each location), and then moving to London and marring a Dane, has all provided her with a unique perspective on the world, as well as a variety of material, and a high chance she can do anyone’s accent. To add to her unusual background, Sindhu’s also worked in investment banking, and as a model for Yves Saint Lauren.

A finalist in various prestigious new comedy awards, and Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee, Sindhu has built an enviable reputation on the live circuit. She’s performed around the world, and has become a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe (on one occasion having to turn dozens away from her overcapacity show).

Sindhu has starred in her own Radio 4 series, Sindhustan, where she took a comic look at her own life, family and experiences. She’s appeared on Have I Got News For You and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, as well as Radio 4’s The Unbelievable Truth, and in acting roles in film and TV.

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