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Deutsche Welle Presenter

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Monika fronts Journal, Business Brief and Made In Germany for the German international broadcaster with audiences in America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. A leading bi-lingual presenter, she specialises in economics, corporate relations, human resources, and transport and logistics.


Monika Jones is the news anchor on the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s flagship show Journal and host of the broadcaster’s business magazine show Made in Germany.

One of Germany’s leading bi-lingual presenters working in broadcast and live events, she regularly hosts conferences, seminars and events for multinational companies, government and public bodies, NGOs and European institutions.

Combining both business and journalistic backgrounds, Monika specialises in subjects around economics, corporate relations, human resources, and transport and logistics but is equality comfortable with broader business, political or cultural briefs.

Monika is a familiar face to Deutsche Welle’s viewers throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. As well as presenting she has produced programmes on business and the arts. An accomplished communicator and fluent in both German and English, Monika has hosted events for companies including Ford, Siemens and Deutsche Bahn AG.

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