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As in the title of her book, Kristiane has travelled From MTV To Mecca in her eclectic career. She has presented arts and entertainment programmes across Asia, Europe and the Middle East and now specialises in fine art.


Kristiane Backer is a London-based presenter with a pan-European career specialising in arts and culture. As well as English and her native German, she is proficient in French and Arabic.

Kristiane began her career at Radio Hamburg and then became a presenter for MTV Europe. She has anchored a variety of shows including the Coca-Cola Report, the European Top Twenty and MTV at the Movies. She also hosted The Ticket for NBC Europe, and reported on the wedding of Charles and Camilla for ZDF. She won two Golden Otto awards for her own shows in Germany.

After a long period working amongst the glitz and glamour of international pop music and film, Kristiane became increasing drawn to more spiritual and cultural interests. Though her travels and a meeting with cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, Kristiane converted to Islam and undertook more charity work and was involved in cultural and artistic events covering Oriental and Islamic art and music. Since then she has written and spoken extensively about her personal journey and the challenges and rewards it’s brought.

Kristiane has written for English and German newspapers and has made frequent appearances on LBC, the BBC and Sky. She has also documented her inspiring personal experiences in her book
From MTV to Mecca. As well as continuing her television and live work, she also works in traditional healing and medicine and is an art consultant. A qualified homeopath with her own online clinic, she has also offered natural health tips to viewers of Punkt 12, a daily German lifestyle show. She has also presented items on the German travel channel Reise, as well as a discussion show on Ebru TV.

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