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Kate Russell

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Tech & Gaming Journalist

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Alongside her BBC role Kate has written a guide for SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to get ahead online - Working The Cloud. In presentations she reveals that consumers are five times more likely to buy on social recommendation than conventional marketing, so how do you influence the influencers? Kate sets out a strategy: develop content that speaks to bloggers, those you follow and advocates within your own organisation. Then fully engage.


Kate Russell is a technology expert, blogger, author and columnist for the National Geographic Traveller magazine. Kate has been researching and writing about the internet and technology for over two decades, and was a reporter for BBC technology programme Click.

Kate was a regular expert on ITV’s Daybreak as well as a number of other radio and TV programmes. Her first book, Working the Cloud, examines how using the online sphere can help start-ups excel, while sharing tips, tricks and resources for small businesses. She has also written novels, including a science-fiction story based in the universe of the classic computer game Elite, and funded via Kickstarter campaign.

On the speaking platform, as well as her blogs and podcasts, Kate covers everything from the future of technology, AI and its impact on commerce, customer experience and business to cybersecurity, cybercrime and consent in a digitalised world. She’s also interested in the interrelation between the digital transformation and evolving digital consumer groups, such as Generation Z and Millennials. Kate was voted 13th in the list of Most Influential British Women in IT by Computer Weekly and is a UK Blog Award winner.

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