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Josh Berry

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Impressionist & Comedian

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With a repertoire stretching from politicians to comedians and sports stars, Josh quickly became a hit live and online. He says he used to use his impressions to help deal with life’s little challenges, like using the voice of Daniel Radcliffe to get a date. Having seen his compilation of tennis player impressions go viral he now counts the likes of Andy Murray as fans.


Comedian, writer, and content creator Josh Berry first gained prominence with his impressions of tennis players. Since then, he has worked with Wimbledon and the LTA for a series of comedic sketches and impressions of the world’s athletes. He has appeared on BBC Five Live Radio and ESPN’s television coverage of Wimbledon and has recorded a variety of impressions clips with Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Nick Kyrgios.

After Boris Johnson became Prime Minister Josh developed the character of Rafe Hubris, an arrogant, Eton-educated Special Adviser (SpAd) at 10 Downing Street. Writing in the Evening Standard, political commentator Anne McElvoy called his send-up of 'spad' culture "pitch-perfect". Josh's spoof diary Staggering Hubris, written in Rafe’s voice, purports to tell the real story of the chaos behind the scenes as the British government attempted to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The book, with its account of parties and rule-breaking at Downing Street, began to look uncannily prescient as the Johnson government was engulfed by the Westminster lockdown parties controversy. Critic Peter Magee wrote in The Bookbag: 'What begins as a light-hearted spoof on life in Downing Street turns into something resembling a fly-on-the-wall documentary. There came a point when it almost ceased to be funny because it seems that it was all true...'.

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