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After thirty years in the newsroom Jon continues to front special projects for Channel 4 – and serve as President of the Cyclists’ Touring Club.


Before establishing himself as anchor of Channel 4 News, Jon Snow served as Diplomatic Editor of ITN, covering summits in Washington and Moscow and numerous other international stories.

Frequently moving out of the studio, Jon reported from Germany when the Berlin Wall came down, and from South Africa when Nelson Mandela walked to freedom. He was also the only British journalist to be granted a full-length interview with Monica Lewinsky.

Jon has occasionally found himself at the centre of a story, whether by refusing to wear a poppy on camera or by criticising the media blackout of Prince Harry’s tour in Afghanistan.

Jon’s memoir Shooting History: A Personal Journey, is as revealing about the great and the not-so-good as about his own passionate involvement in the reporting of world affairs. In The State of Us: The good news and the bad news about our society, Jon traces how the life of the nation has changed across his five-decade career, from getting thrown out of university for protesting apartheid to interviewing every prime minister since Margaret Thatcher.

Jon’s podcast Snowcast features original thinkers, campaigners, creators, and performers. His guests have included Professor Sophie Scott, Robert Harris, Jon Ronson and Munya Chawawa.

He has been named RTS Journalist of the Year and received a BAFTA for Best Factual Contribution to Television. Jon is Patron of Prisoners Abroad and President of the Cyclists’ Touring Club.


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Book written by Jon Snow
Book written by Jon Snow