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The Jerry Springer Show

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When he was five, Jerry and his family left England for a new life. He became Mayor of Cincinnati, local news anchor and host of the most successful TV talk show in history. Still taking on provocative issues in its 22nd year, Jerry now finds himself dealing with the children of his original guests.


Jerry Springer was born in London in 1944, as his family was fleeing from the Holocaust. At the age of five, he and his parents immigrated to New York. Having to adapt to a new country left an indelible mark; being an outsider taught him acceptance, tact and compassion – the same qualities he draws upon as a talk show host.

Jerry’s first job after graduation was on Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. After Kennedy’s death, Jerry joined a law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved into the political arena himself. He was soon elected Mayor of Cincinnati with the largest majority in the city’s history.

Jerry launched his career in broadcasting as a political reporter and commentator on WLWT-TV. Two years later he became Cincinnati’s number one news anchor. He received seven Emmy awards for his nightly commentaries, the forerunner to the now famous ‘Final Thought.’ Always ready to accept new challenges, he then became a professional talk show host.

‘The Jerry Springer Show’ is now seen in over 150 markets around America and the world.

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