Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine

Radio 2, Points of View


The pillar of the Radio 2 schedule and guardian of Points of View marked his first 25 years at the BBC with It’s All News To Me. After dinner Jeremy tells audiences how news gets to the screen, reveals the phrase he’s too terrified to utter on air, and recalls run-ins with the high and mighty.


Jeremy Vine established his reputation as a smooth-talking but tough presenter on Newsnight. He now presents the lunchtime show on Radio 2, hosts Eggheads and Crimewatch and pops up with a range of graphic wizardry whenever there’s an election.

Jeremy joined the BBC as a news trainee. His first reporting assignments were on Radio 4's Today programme, covering issues as diverse as punishment beatings in Northern Ireland and sheep-racing in Dorset. He then took up the reins as a political correspondent, under John Sergeant.

One of Jeremy’s early reports was an award-winning exposé of South African police brutality, which led to twenty four officers being suspended. In a lighter vein, he was famously challenged by Jeffrey Archer to a race on Brighton beach, after remarking that the Tories had become elderly. Archer pulled out, complaining of ‘tiredness’.

Jeremy has picked up a Sony Award for Speech Broadcaster of the Year. In his after dinner speech, he reveals how news really gets to our screens. He might also mention what happened when Mandelson screamed at him, or how an assassination attempt went completely unnoticed by a reporter at the scene.

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