James May

James May

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Top Gear, The Grand Tour

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From cars to toys, wine to space, James indulges his love of all things engineering, scientific and nostalgic. Mocked by his Top Gear/Grand Tour colleagues for his reluctance to rush, James embraced slowness in The Reassembler taking apart and reconstructing everyday objects in his shed.


James May is a motoring journalist who latterly refered to himself as "the other bloke from Top Gear." He first presented Channel 4’s Driven before joining Clarkson and Hammond and earning the nickname ‘Captain Slow’ in challenges against his fellow hosts. Along with his colleagues he now takes on new driving challenges on Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour.

James, a beer drinker, appeared with Oz Clarke in the BBC series Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure and Oz and James Drink to Britain. In the former, the duo meandered through France and California wine country, Oz educating James along the way. In the sequel, they travelling the UK sampling various alcoholic drinks from around the country.

Away from drinking and driving, James has appeared on Have I Got News For You and once co-hosted Top of the Pops. Passionate about engineering and manufacturing, James has fronted a range of programmes on science and engineering, including his Man Lab series. He’s also looked at space travel and favourite childhood toys.

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