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EU Moderator

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A former Communications Director at the European Policy Centre, Jacki chairs business and political debates in Brussels and across the EU.


Jacki Davis is a leading commentator and analyst on European Union affairs and regularly works with many EU and EC institutions.

A long-term reporter on European issues, Jacki has served as editor-in-chief of E!Sharp, a bimonthly magazine on the European Union, and as founding editor of European Voice, a Brussels-based weekly owned by The Economist Group. She originally moved to Brussels as the Daily Mail’s EU correspondent, a role she says gives her a unique insight into Britain’s relationship with and attitude towards Europe.

Along with her husband Geoff Meade, Jacki is one of the best known journalists within Brussels’ network of commissions and institutions. Frequently called upon to moderate and facilitate official events in Brussels and around Europe, she also regularly appears on radio and TV and is a senior adviser to the Brussels-based European Policy Centre think tank.

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