The Three Waiters

The Three Waiters

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Operatic Duels

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The company of tenors posing as waiters has sung for the operatic greats themselves – and enthralled corporate audiences from Lapland to the States. The performance takes place during dinner, culminating in a tongue-in-cheek contest to settle which is the most romantic language: English, Italian or French.


Contrary to appearances, The Three Waiters are not waiters but professional actors and singers. They simply pretend to be real waiters before eventually gathering and unleashing a performance in true Three Tenors style.

Dressed in uniform identical to the waiting staff, the performance begins with an impromptu aria from a well known opera or a burst from a popular Broadway show. The audience soon realise that all is not as it seems.

As the evening progresses another waiter succumbs to a similarly spontaneous rendition. As the two stage an impromptu vocal 'duel', a third enters the fray and lead the others in a virtuoso finale. Thanks to a broad repertoire, the act can be customised to suit any audience.

The original Three Waiters performed for Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo, receiving a standing ovation from the Three Tenors themselves. They have since multiplied, with a substantial pool of classically trained singers from which to draw.

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