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String Quartet

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The electric string quartet have played Europe with Simply Red, and joined Take That on their Beautiful World tour. They also performed at the Champions’ League Final. Combining genuine musicianship with sharp choreography, the set includes crossover hits and pop classics.


Asteria comprise of four talented, high trained string performers who, classically trained on traditional instruments, were brought together by a love of modern electric strings and a passion for performance.

Asteria have performed all over the world at events and product launches, in bars, nightclubs, sports stadia and even aircraft hangers, covering everything from the Champions’ League final to perfume launches. Their repertoire covers contemporary classical cross-over favourites to arrangements of pop hits past and present.

As well as a dynamic performance of any duration or to fit in with any other entertainment, Asteria can also perform with various combinations of guitar, percussion, bass, keyboards and a further 15 string performers as backing musicians and also with dancers.

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