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Industrial Tap Dance

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Since their debut in Sydney, Tap Dogs companies have toured the world scooping up numerous awards. Famous for their high energy ‘industrial’ tapping, six dancers perform classic sequences like ‘Basketball’ as well as bespoke arrangements.


Tap Dogs is part theatre, part dance, part rock concert and part construction site. It's a wholesale reinvention of tap, growing out of choreographer Dein Perry's experience as an industrial mechanic and his collaboration with the designer Nigel Triffitt and composer Andrew Wilkie.

To create a high impact introduction for corporate shows, Tap Dogs typically provide a ten-minute routine featuring six dancers. The set opens with Grinders, then a solo piece, then builds towards a climax with Drumbeat, Basketball and Triggers.

Since its debut in Sydney, Tap Dogs has gathered a collection of awards including an Olivier for Best Choreography. There are now four companies of Tap Dogs, leaving dents on stages around the world.

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Tap Dogs at the Sydney Olympics