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Parkour and Freerunners

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While parkour has awe-inspiring jumps, freerunning brings expression. 3RUN are masters of the art. They perform action sequences for launches, feature films and commercials. Live shows range from 3-5 minute high energy bursts to longer LED-based routines and parkour demonstrations.


3RUN are a group of internationally-renowned, world record-holding professional performers specialising in a range of freerunning/Parkour, martial arts, stunt work and freestyle urban acrobatics.

After a decade performing together, 3RUN have an unmatched level of experience providing high impact, technically accomplished routines and sequences for film, TV, ad campaigns and live events. The group are consistently trying new ideas, moves and combinations and have been influential over the development of Parkour and freerunning around the world as it has broken into the mainstream.

A core team of fifteen of the world’s elite Parkour and freerunning exponents, the whole team have wide experience in everything from choreographing fight and action sequences to break dancing, extreme sports and acrobatics. 3RUN have developed and performed sequences for the films Casino Royale and 28 Days Later, ads for Microsoft Xbox, Snickers, Shell, VW, Vodafone, Puma and others, and broadcast and promotional work for all the UK’s terrestrial television stations.

3RUN combine all of their skills into dynamic, often awe-inspiring sequences for live events,defying gravity and pushing the boundaries of what it seems possible for a human to do. Professional and determined to develop ever more impressive skills, 3RUN always deliver energetic, unbelievable routines. As well as running, flipping and jumping over and around buildings and objects, the team can also perform in patent light suits, adding another incredible dimension to their shows.

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